Thursday, February 13, 2014

Video: Singles who love Animals love...

We've been really busy recently reviving our CyberDating video collection. Here's a great:

Singles who love Animals love CyberDating

We have a bunch more dating related videos at Come and have a look.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Cyber Dating Video: Heat things up...

In the dead of winter we thought it was time to heat things up at CyberDating with a video full of hot looking singles. Enjoy!

Heat things up at Cyber Dating

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CyberDating on Facebook - Finally!!

Good news CyberDating lovers! We finally have our Facebook page pretty much ready for prime time! Have a look and give the singles search feature a try.

Be sure to give us some feedback on what you think of it:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Banishing the Scammers from Cyber Dating

Hey Cyber Dating lovers,

We've been getting a few complaints from members who are concerned about how we handle messages sent by scammers.

Here is the scenario: A real member on our CyberDating Network site receives an email indicating that there is a message waiting in his/her CyberDating Inbox. When he goes to check his Inbox, he finds that the message has been removed and replaced by a not indicating that we have removed the message because it was sent by a scammer.

Well, we have had complaints from members saying that they wanted to receive the scam messages so they could decide for themselves if they wanted to talk to the scammer.

There are a few reasons why we do this. The first is that if we didn't remove the scammer and the messages that he/she sent, some our members might be scammed - which happens more often than you think.A second reason for removing them is that since some scammers send hundreds of very long messages, our database would quickly become clogged with junk, causing our system to become slow. The last reason is so we can say that we are doing everything that we can to totally banish scammers from our system. In the end, that's the important thing.

So, rest assured. If you see a notification message saying an item in your Inbox has been removed because it was from a scammer, the message was really of no use to you. We only remove scammers after manually reviewing his/her behavior.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

A tip to avoid being a card-carrying cyber dating geek.

I was reading about a new dating service in the New York Times that blurs the line between Online cyber dating and traditional dating. At first look it appears to be kind of cool, but is it? You decide...

Here's how it works. You sign up for a free singles site where you get to post your Online dating profile - nothing new here. Then, for a fee (between $5 and $25) they will send you some business cards with a code identifying the secret location of your Online profile. Then, when you are out-and-about in the real world, if you see somebody that you think is dateable, you simply pass him or her one of your cards. If the recipient is single and interested, s/he can head to the dating website address on the card and check out your dating profile.

Pretty exciting eh?

Well if you think that the concept will work, I can save you between $5 and $25 in the next two minutes.

Here's how to do it for free. Just create a dating profile at and write down the URL of your personal profile on a scrap of paper. Even better, take a full sheet of paper and tear it into business card size pieces and write your first name and the address to your CyberDating profile on each. Then give the pieces of paper to the strangers that interest you while you are out living your off-line life.

The cool thing is that, instead of looking like a desperate geek handing out business cards to hot singles, it will look like you are sincerely interested in the person and that you are more than a little spontaneous. Freaks hand out business cards in a bar, the cool kids write little love notes and pass them discreetly ;)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does body art turn you on?

So you have a bit of a thing for girls with tattoos? Or is it a lust for piercings?
Whatever your body art and adornment desires are we have singles that can fill them. This week we have posted a video featuring singles ads from CyberDating that have tattoos and body piercings. Come and have a look. It's free as always.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

How to Write an Effective Online Dating Profile - Stay Upbeat

Recently a friend posted her profile on CyberDating and she asked me for my expert opinion on it. Well frankly, it needed some work.

She made two really basic mistakes.

The first mistake is that she started out with a downer. While she thought that she was being upbeat writing about how she's back for another kick-at-the-cat with Online dating, but it sounded so ho-hum that it hurt. My advice is to forget about telling the other singles that you've ever tried Online dating before. Start out being funny. Your audience is full of lonely, bored singles - you don't want to be one of them. Show them your nutty side and break the ice quickly.

After a few days of CyberDating, her feedback to me was that the wrong kind of guys were contacting her and she was frustrated. That brings me to her second mistake. She didn't say what she was looking for in a prospective mate. Even though she is athletic, she really desires an intellectual guy. So, for goodness sake, say what you want. You shouldn't be too exacting because you'll sound like you are too picky, but listing a few of your deal breakers will really help both you and your prospective date to avoid some unnecessary keystrokes.

Good luck,

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Lame but Sad Story about

Someone asked me why CyberDating is a ".net" domain and not . It's really a lame story but here goes...

Back in 1997 we were running a small Ontario Canada focused free dating service called (Have a look at the snapshot) and we decided that we should expand to allow singles from all over the world. So, we thought up the CyberDating name and went to register the domain. We did the whois search and found that was available, but we didn't have all of the information necessary to register the domain at hand (it was more complicated back then) so we left it for the weekend while we dug up the required info.

As life goes, we went back on Monday and someone else had registered and put up a place holder website. We had missed our opportunity so we registered the and the ".ca" versions hoping that we might scoop on renewal after a year or two.

Sure enough the domain registration went into limbo because the original owner had forgotten about it. But, once again when we went to register it, someone beat us to it! So, it seems that it was never in the cards for us. Those are the breaks.

BTW. Don't bother to check out It's just a crappy search site with no content.

Monday, October 16, 2006

One for the Money...

Myth: There is no such thing as a Free Dating Site - there is always a catch.

Truth: Some free dating sites are truly 100% free, you just have to know how to pick them.

Some of the sites I run are totally free. Let me explain how it works...

We make money using the same principle that TV companies employ. Here is the deal for those of you who have never thought about it: TV companies provide consumers (TV viewers like you) the opportunity to see TV shows for free. In exchange for seeing the free TV shows (the content), viewers are forced to watch commercial ads. TV companies make sufficient money to produce and show the content by charging the advertisers for the ad space. The viewers get to see the content for free. Truly a marriage made in marketing heaven.

The same thing happens on the free dating websites. We provide consumers (You) the opportunity to see content (personal ads) for free. In exchange for the free profiles we force you to view advertisements. Of course we charge advertisers for the ad space on our website.

It is true that some "Free Dating Sites" are not really free. Some of them only give you limited access for free, others beg for donations and others are just outright liars!